Leading at the Right Level

It’s lonely at the top, but as a leader that is where you belong.  The best leaders resist the temptation to assume the responsibilities of their staff.  The temptation exists either because they do not have confidence in their team or they are more confident in that role.  The problem with this behavior is that the true work of the leader can suffer.

Do not have confidence in the team

Great leaders provide vision and direction. They talk about what is needed for the business, but then assign the task and let the team complete the task.  The methods and actions will not likely be the exact way the leader would have done it, but it is the outcome that matters.   An effective leader focuses on the outcome.

They feel more comfortable in the role

Great leaders understand that even if they like or feel more comfortable in a role one of their staff now holds, they cannot take on that responsibility.  They cannot be lured in by the desire to show their team and maybe themselves that they can do that role better.  The challenge when faced with the temptation is to coach, provide vision and direction, but more importantly, step away and let the team member do the work.

The work of the leader suffers

Great leader’s do not let their work suffer.  They understand the challenge in setting a vision, providing direction, and coaching the team.  The leader may also serve as the spokesperson.   They have a critical role in marketing good work, help work through mistakes and challenges, maintaining the focus of the team and simply leading.

Help your leaders not overcompensate for team members they don’t trust or slip into roles they find comfortable.  And most importantly, remind them of the work they do have to do that is so important…leading the team.

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