On-site Consulting Services

Our consulting services are focused on “learning-by-doing” at the point of impact where the value is created.

Solving business problems together with our client partners.  We work hand in hand with our clients on business problems that typically including increasing throughput to meet customer demand, reduce material costs with improved yield and reduced waste.  We help the organization redesign work to maximize labor utilization and productivity.

Building operating models based on the principles of lean by teaching and implementing along with our client partners.  We work with the key stakeholders in the areas the value is generated to build a strategy based on A3 thinking. We design a daily management system to support the strategy, coach those closest to the work in a pre-specified method for solving problems and build leader’s standard work to sustain the model.

Conducting site assessments on the organization’s formal or informal operating model and use of lean principles.  We highlight the good work of the team, identify opportunities and create a road map for improvement.

Our approach is to engage with the organization at the point-of-impact and facilitate a “learning-by-doing” approach through actual implementation improvement models based lean principles and tailored to our clients’ specific needs that drive near-term results improvement, and an on-going sustainable and measurable competitive advantage.