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Patrick Putorti

Patrick Putorti

As a founder of UTV Advisors and managing partner of the Pittsburgh office, Patrick Putorti serves the small to mid-market companies driven by a passion for operational excellence learned from years of experience as an Operations Management Consultant for Alcoa, Inc.

As a practitioner and advisor with extensive practice in multiple industries from metal processing to pharmaceuticals, Patrick has used his experience to help several operations reach business objectives and new levels of safety, quality, delivery, and profitability.

Patrick believes that true excellence in operations starts with being brilliant at the basics, which includes a strategic plan, a method for managing business activity daily, identifying and solving problems, and standardizing even the work of the leader. These basics are fundamental in creating the culture of accountability and engagement need to transformation a business.

Patrick is busy raising four children in the Pittsburgh area. When he is not running to and from one of their activities, he enjoys teaching Sunday school for 4th graders and he is a founding board member of The Open Door, a non-profit organization dedicated to housing people living with HIV.