Work Design for a Changing Workforce

We are entering an era of a new normal.  People may struggle to consistently make it to work because of children at home, their own illness, or the need to care for others.  This new normal and ever changing work force requires a new focused attention on work design built on the back of solid […]

Work Design Strategies for Rapidly Adapting the Work Space

Our workplaces have changed at an unimaginable speed. Companies must rapidly adjust and innovate to continue to excel in this new workplace.   Our new normal requires that we maintain safe distances for the foreseeable future.  This new reality has created a new capacity constraint out of simply not having enough space.  Restaurants, grocery stores, airplanes […]

What is a Manufacturing Cell

A manufacturing cell is one option to consider when we are talking about the concept of work design.  The goal is always to eliminate waste.  Manufacturing cells do this by arranging a group of workstations or machines so a product can be processed progressively without having to wait for a batch to be completed and […]

Same People – Same Machines – Same Pace

The ideal work cell pursues the goal of having the same people use the same machines to produce at the same pace every day.  Why? Easy to see, almost feel, the problems A well designed work cell almost looks like a metronome pulsing at a steady pace hour after hour.  It may appear as parts […]

Do Not Stop Improving

The true competitive advantage of world class companies does not come from technology, debt structure, or even research and development.  True competitive advantage comes from a relentless commitment to improve.  Not grand changes every day or dramatic swings in philosophy or new equipment, but a commitment to a constant cycle of learning designed to make […]

The One Man Kaizen

Technology changed the idea of the one man band.  The concept that one person could play all of the instruments in a song simultaneously was mostly notably remembered in Mary Poppins as Dick Van Dyke’s character plays drums, horns, and an accordion all by himself while dancing. Mike Oldfield is credited as the first performer […]

Kaizens Engage People in a Step Change

World class organizations understand the value of the steady improvement from a daily process of plan, do, check, act.  This daily look at the production cycle as an experiment and trying to improve the process daily leads to a steady reduction of waste.  But world class organizations also understand the value in a step change. […]

The Key to a Great Kaizen is a Good Kaizen Prep

Kaizen is the tool that creates a step change for an organization not only in the improvement of their operating systems, but in engaging the hearts and minds of the team.  A great kaizen can not only make the organization operate better but can capture the hearts of the participants in a way that genuinely […]