Arthur Ashe

Standardized Work Builds a Flexible Work Force

World class organizations understand the value in having flexibility. Not only in the ability to meeting changes in customer demand or introduce new products with great speed, but also in continuing operations.  Flexible organizations can keep the presses running even when some of people who fill key roles are missing.  Standardized work is the key […]

Karen Martin

Fuel for an Effective Operating Model

Driving the real improvement your organization needs is best served with a proven operating model based on the principles of Plan, Do, Check, Act.  It requires a sold Strategy supported by a rigorous Daily Management process designed to identify problems that need to be solved with a pre-specified method for practical problem solving all sustained […]

Abraham Lincoln

Marguerite de Navarre

Abraham Lincoln

Thank you Jake Radish, President of Kalyn Siebert

 “Reflection may be as important as action, but is so often overlooked. This book will help your organization take the time to stop and think about time tested principles for business operations and how they are applied. This often leads to more robust actions that truly drive business value.”
Jake Radish | President, Kalyn Siebert   

Organizational Success